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Interpretation, Translation, Transcription, Rapporteuring/minute taking and recording of proceedings

Do you need assistance with interpretation, translation, Rapporteuring, transcription or minute taking of proceedings of your conferences workshops, seminar etc? We have very qualified and experienced interpreters who interpret in any of the 11 national languages of South African as well as Portuguese, French, Spanish and English. We have provided simultaneous interpretation for many regional and international events. We also have translators who can translate from one language to another of your choice. So call on us for any event that needs simultaneous interpretation or translation service.

We also provide rapporteuring services for all types of events ranging from one-day workshops to five day international conferences and meetings. Our turn-around time is unrivalled and we are able to provide both same-day services where we provide you with the first draft at the close of business. We also have normal service options where we can take up to two weeks depending on the length of the event, your urgency, and budget. We pride ourselves for being efficient, flexible and accurate. We also bring our own equipment to your event which includes laptops, printer etc ensuring a quick and professional service.

We also provide transcription services for your events. We can capture proceedings of your conference, seminar, workshop etc. on audio tape, CD-ROM or video which will be handed over to you. Alternatively we can transcribe from the audio tape, CD-ROM or video and provide with minutes which will be useful in compiling your event report. You can provide us with a tape or a digital sound file of your event and tell us how quickly you want the transcript and whether you want a laser printed copy CD-ROM or both. We can also e-mail it to you if desired. Our professional transcriptionists are capable of handling a wide variety of audio and video media, ranging from traditional analogue tapes to high definition digital media of various formats. They are also experienced in transcribing various accents and dialects including transcribing heavy accents and speakers using English as a second language.

Please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours or simply call our offices on +27-11-4666-336 or fax us on +27-11- 4666-337 or 086 612 6233. We will surely get back to you within 24 hours.

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